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Affordability - Choice Independence - Community
These are the four ingredients that work to create quality housing for low income senior citizens. The fixed incomes of many elderly mean that housing must be low cost. Options in housing are as important to the elderly as they are to younger people. Some elders wish to live in retirement communities with other seniors. Others want to remain in neighborhoods where they have lived for many years.
Silver Lake Housing Development
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One outstanding example of a retirement living community is the Silver Lake Housing Development in Houston. Silver Lake is a 44 unit community of housing for senior citizens. Residents pay one-third of their incomes for rent and utilities.
(above, right) Seniors at the Silver Lake Housing Development.
Robert Shaw Echo Village
Robert Shaw Echo Village in Austin consists of six small cottages built in a neighborhood by area homeowners. The cottages are rented to seniors for $125 a month. Echo Village permits seniors to remain active members of their neighborhood while enjoying affordable and independent living in a house that meets their needs.
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Casitas de Merced
Nine Catholic congregations joined to build the 24-unit, inter-generational Casitas de Merced in the small community of Somerset, just outside San Antonio. Says resident Rejillo Gomez, 87, “Our lives have changed so much from how we used to live. The house we had before had so many leaks we put buckets to catch the rain. Now we feel like a king and queen.”

The homes rent for $275 to $375 depending on the resident’s income.
Photo: Merced Housing Texas